Anyone do any film editing?

Hi I just wanted to know if anyone is into film editing; and what software you’d recommend?

I am thinking of getting Adobe Premier but possibly a later version; CS6 seems to be flawed with bad reviews. Does any one use it?

With the update cycles currently in use, all software is flawed. The best approach, if you have no financial limitations, is to check out the trial versions of several. Whichever you feel most comfortable with, that’s your editor.

And if you hunt around on eBay and such places, you’re likely to find older versions such as Premiere SC5 or even SC4. Googling might even turn up trial versions of these older products.

Don’t forget to check out Lightworks as well.

Thanks I am thinking of going back to Adobe I used to use 6.5 a lot and that was very intuitive. Do you use Adobe currently?

I use adobe currently and I love it. I don’t know of any others that work as well. If you want it I would recommend you get the whole suite (if cost doeant matter) because it worksgreat together

Wish cost didn’t matter lol; I checked out Lightworks though (thanks rontarrant) and it seems its as high end as Adobe and much cheaper. Tarantino and other well known directors used it. Ill see though I am accustomed to Adobe wish it wasn’t so criminally priced though.