Anyone else carry irrational fears or limitations with them from previous software/projects?

I don’t do glass because I assume it will take too long to render even though I’ve watched a dozen tutorials about how to fake glass to render faster.

I don’t do rigging because of a horrible experience with Maya 5.

I don’t do volumetrics for some stupid reason.

I have installed Octane Blender and Radeon Pro Render Blender before but I have not gotten around to trying Luxcore for caustics because of some irrational hatred I have for caustics caused by an experience with Mental Ray a lifetime ago.

I had 10 more examples I though of in the shower the other day that escape me at the moment.


I had a weird glitch in autocad that would cause it to crash whenever I changed the view after starting an operation. After updating autocad, it stopped crashing, but I haven’t stopped anticipating it crashing, lol


I never put spaces in any of my layer or file names because ArcGIS used to crash like 15 years ago when running a handful of obscure tools. It’s probably still good practice I suppose.