Anyone else get annoyed when people confuse you with a Graphic Designer

They somehow assume that because you are a 3D artist that its the same thing as a graphic designer. They assume that you like to design packaging, and logos, and products from the ground up. Because 3D artist = Graphics designer… NO! It does not. Im not a designer, i can make 3D renders of your products or visualize designs that you hand to me. DIFFERENCE!


I get annoyed as well, dude. I feel you


All that you can really do is to explain once again what it is that you do, and don’t do. That you can show them exactly what their product would look like sitting on a grocery-store shelf (complete with the shelf …), but you’re not the one to originally determine what the product should look like.

Try to make that clear in your initial advertising. Maybe, as you describe and showcase recently-completed work, explain what your actual role in it was … and, wasn’t. Show them a bit of what your client gave you to start with, and if you want to “give a nod” to that designer, that’s probably okay too. (Check your contract …)


yup, or they think you’re a video game programmer sometimes.

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  • I am a 3D artist.
  • So you are a graphics designer?
  • No I am a 3D graphics designer.
  • So you are a graphics designer but in 3D?
  • No I am a 3D artist, I make 3D designs, but not a graphics designer.

The worst part is that they argue with you about what you do for a living. How ignorant is that! They also ask you why you do not use Adobe products for “graphics design”. It’s hard to explain to them that Adobe doesn’t make software that caters to 3D modeling because of how close-minded they are.

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TBF they tried, they just failed. So they acquired substance instead.

By close-minded I was referring to the people who think 3D is graphics design not Adobe. The closest thing to 3D that Adobe currently has (as far as I know) is Adobe Dimensions.

If you don’t have bigger problems… I think this was justified until now that we have 3D printing as this is what makes the difference. A render of a 3D scene is just as 2D as any other image made with 2D software that offers a perspective effect.

I am not annoyed at all, whatsoever. I am also a graphic designer (since that is where it all started for me back in the late nineties)… and I’m a JavaScript programmer (including WebGL), a video editor, a mograph artist, a master retoucher, occasional art director, a commercial photographer, a filmmaker, etc, etc… it is quite beneficial to be flexible and proficient in multiple disciplines. I have never once had to look for work. No door knocking. No cold calls. I’ve never even had business cards. I am a one-man show that can complete large complex projects without farming out anything or having other folks slow me down. But I am quite fortunate to have a couple clients that have had a steady stream of work for me for pretty much the whole time I have been in business. Call it good luck I guess.

This happens in any other domain. Someone asks you a question outside your field of expertise assuming you’re supposed to know everything related and you feel like a fool if you don’t know the answer. It feels like your many years of work and experience are all zeroed with a just few words by some imbecile, so yeah, it’s annoying. Best is to spank back with something like “learn what x job does before asking”.