Anyone else get no pressure sensitivity in 64bit Linux?

It’s been ages since I used sculpt mode, but I just went back today and am getting no pressure sensitivity… (I;m using hardy heron 64 bit and have built trunk from source and apricot from source… I get the same result in both. Then I downloaded 2.47 to try that… same result)

I tried with and without partial redraw and tried lots of different settings in “tablet strength adjust” and “tablet size adjust”, i always get “full pressure”

Before anyone asks, yes my tablet is set up right and works fine in loads of other apps…

On a hunch I just tried the windows 32 bit version using wine to run it on linux and the pressure works fine… weird

Is this just a bug in the 64 bit linux version?

I suppose it is.
I’m on a 64b linux too, but I have no tablet … and I have no pressure at all, so I can’t use sculpt mode.

I also tried with various tablet settings, because I once read that even without tablet it may make it work, but it didn’t.

I remember reading that several people had that problem, but I wasn’t able to find it on the bug tracker because their search function is broken (hangs forever).

just to say, on 32 bil linux everything is still fine, also with newer builds.

Good to know 32 bit is fine…

It’s strange though, I thought that the apricot project was authored in 64 bit ubuntu linux… I guess they didn’t do much sculpt!

I use a Genius Tablet, and I had no pressure sensitivity in Blender until someone from around here gave me this tip:

                                                              <b>      ¨Weaselspit:

I spoke too soon. Change the name of your tablet device name to “stylus” in xorg.conf. It now works for me. Apparently “stylus” is name Wacom tablets are configured to by default. Blender seems to distinguish a tablet from a mouse by looking at the device name.¨

That solved my problem, I hope it solves yours too.


I’ll give it a go, but I’m using a wacom touch screen, that needs a patched driver and “sort of” depends on it being called “TabletPCStylus1” so that it can distinguish between stylus and touch…

will try

Right, that fixes it…

… but not using the “tabletPC Stylus” name led to inconsistencies before, I guess I’ll upgrade to the newest development driver and stick with this… At least I have pressure back!