Anyone else hate the fact that ZBrush isn't GNU?

Truth be told, I honestly feel terrible; I’ve never felt so much irritation or misery towards software’s licensing ever. I think it partly has to do with the fact that there are pretty much no alternatives to ZBrush–I mean let’s face it, even with all the new stuff 2.8 brought, Blender’s sculpting mode is kind of garbage; using Dynatopo is nothing like using Dynamesh. I kind of wish that the people who made Blender would just abandon the sculpting mode and actually set up a team to build a program specifically for sculpting. There are so many possible mods I wanna try with ZBrush’s code and I can’t do any of them, it’s awful.

I have a feeling that this thread will not come to fruition.

That something is not the best does not mean that it is garbage. There are many people doing good jobs with Blender sculpt feature, no matter that it is not as good as the best program for sculpting.
That said, you probably want to follow this thread:

You perhaps wanted to refer more precisely to GPL license.