Anyone else have trouble with random selection/deselection in 2.57?

Hi, I am having an intermittent problem in 2.57. Haven’t figured out how to reproduce it predictably enough for the bug tracker. I select one object, and sometimes after a few seconds that object will deselect and another object directly behind it will become selected instead. It happens when clicking with the right-click area of my touchpad as well as the buttons. But it doesn’t always happen. Is anyone else experiencing this? It is new in 2.57 for me. 2.56 on the same machine is always fine.

I’d blame the mouse - sometimes I get spurious “inputs” from my peripherals and it causes things to change on-screen. Clean table, clean pad, clean mouse. Try again.

Cleaning doesn’t help (and it’s a touchpad on a laptop, not an external mouse)

Here’s what did help: hiding non-essential objects in the scene and removing a subsurf modifier.

I wonder if the computer was lagging when I clicked on something, then registered the click later when the mouse was somewhere else?