Anyone else like Midnight Club 3 DUB Remix (PS2)?

I got this yesterday for the PS2 for Christmas (yes, I had a Christmas yesterday). Overall, I like the freeform style, here’s what I like.

1). The 24 song, it’s just trippy for some reason
2). The pick your own route through the checkpoints races, you pick your own route, total freedom, the hard part in some areas is finding the right route, or falling off of it, I had to restart races because I went the wrong way and during a turnament I fell off a bridge onto the highway.
3). Lots of stuff to push around, streetlamps, phonebooths, flower pots, fences, benches, mailboxes, glass to break, the gas stations blow up too, but it totals your car.
4). The freeform cruise mode to find your races, you can go anywhere and you can even try to find the 12 Rockstar Icons.
5). The powerups, I heard of one that allows you to plow through traffic like tissue paper, how I’d love to do that.
6). The race editor, this would be very neat to try
7). The police car that sometimes tries to mess you up, the stupid policeman messed me up a few times.
8). Every city has lots of paths, and yet there’s a few more I have yet to unlock.

The only thing is car carnage like Burnout isn’t in this game, but it’s fun.