anyone else play guitar

anyone else out there play guitar? if so what kind do u have i have an ashland acoustic and a schecter omen 6 electric

I have been playing for about 20 years. I sold all of my electric gear 5 years ago and bought a Yamaha Compass West. It’s pretty sweet. It has both a piezo and a microphone inside so I can record it straight into the computer and get a pretty natural sound.

No way Phil!

I’ve been playing for about 10 years. I recently bought a Seagull Acoustic, my first true solid body. Sounds fantastic. I also have a Martin travel guitar and an old Washburn.

Yup, I play. I used to have a mini-studio in my house. Sold it all.

I can beat guitar hero on hard.

That was pretty funny, Orion :stuck_out_tongue: (I’ve almost beat it on expert). I started playing guitar about a month ago. I guess that almost counts.

yea ive been playing for about a month or so just finished learning how to play layla ive found it hard to ballance blender and guitar and with school coming back soon im in for alot of trying to ballance crap

I have been playing for almost 3 years (will be 3 years on September 9th).
My ffirst guitar was a red half-size Fender Stratocaster. 2 years later,
I got a full-size classical Yamaha guitar from my grandma that she used to play
ages ago. Just recently, my dad and I restrung it with some new strings and
cleaned off the marks that the pick guard had made.
Anyway, my latest guitar that I got in Christmas 2005 is a full-size
Ovation Applause accoustic/electric. And I’m learning to play better
from a dvd course called Learn and Master Guitar by an excellent
teacher, Steve Krenz.

Hey, Ive got that Ovation Guitar, its pretty good.
Ive been playing for over 3 years now, I play a few differnet types of msuic, but I mostly write pounk/rock/pop guitar(for my band, check out sig).
My Main Electric on the other hand is a piece of junk, I really need a new one. But first, new amp…

I’ve been playing acoustic guitar on and off since I was free_ality’s age. Currently fooling around with jazz and blues rifs. It’s a great way to meet girls.

I’ve been playing guitar (meaning sight-reading and taking lessons) for around 1 year, using A Modern Method for Guitar, and a few other exercise books by Berklee Press, such as Reading Studies for Guitar, and Melodic Rhythms for Guitar.

Right now, my guitar is just a cheap entry level model, but I plan on upgrading it and my amp when I get the cash…

check out:

…and I’ve rigged him to play proper chords as well! :slight_smile:
(At home I play my Maton acoustic or my home made electric)

I own a cheep Yamaha CGX 101A. (I assume the “A” in the nomenclature stands for “Acoustic” ).

I play…

I have a Variax 300 with the floorboard (if you don’t know what this is, google it… they are dead special!), an old battered acoustic, a casio midi guitar (!) and a cheapo bass for friends come over.


I was blown away by the Variax 300 when I played one recently. I used to have a POD and have been a fan of the Line 6 gear. What they did with that guitar for as much money they sell it for is awesome.

I’m only 16, and I don’t have very much money, so I saved $250 for a Fender Squier Stratocaster. Eventually I should have enough money to buy a real guitar.

using both the variax and the pod xt with a cat 5 cable is mind blowing… you can patch your whole amp/stack/effects/guitar model/tuning settings to different preset peddles… which means you can drop from say ‘paranoid’… the black sabbath
sound set up to a nice 12 string acoustic jumbo, modeled guitar, thats open tuned and run it through a chorus before a clean amp… ALL AT THE FLICK OF 1 FOOT SWITCH!

it is possibly true to say that the individual guitars and amp setups are not 100% like the originals, but having 26 different modeled guitars available in 1 guitar body is quality as an all rounder.

Even recording acoustic is easier… the strings don’t have to be as heavy gauged as on a real acoustic to sound good and the virtual mic can be placed in different positions on the neck so the levels stay consistent if you move around (try keeping me still while I play!) and the usb output on the pod xt goes straight into your pc…

I would happily recommend this set up to anyone, in the same way I would blender. A very complete toolbox. Go down your local guitar shop and ask them to demo the variax and the pod xt together. Unless you are one of those extremely rare people that have a extremely keen purists ear (i.e. the kind that can tell the difference between pure analogue and 96k-24bit samples)… , you will not be disappointed with the hours of fun to be had.


I wouldn’t call what I do to a guitar “playing”, but I try.

Got an Ibanez acoustic guitar a couple of years ago, but only started taking it seriously for the last few months. I’m struggling a bit, but making time to play for at least 30 minutes every day. Hopefully, with lots of practice, I might soon be at the amateur beginner level.

Played acoustic guitar for about 2 years and this spring got myself an electric guitar.

I’m struggling a bit, but making time to play for at least 30 minutes every day.
I know what it’s like to struggle with playing. Just hang in there with it, and you’ll get past it. Well, sort of get past it, because there’s always going to be something harder as you progress more and more, so it’s not really a matter of not struggling as it is a matter of perseverance.:wink: