Anyone else seeing a dazzle cyan cube?

(testing 2.80) (MacBook Pro)
I get this effect in the Viewport every time by selecting Edit mode in the default startup mode. Its the same in wireframe and solid views. All settings are just the defaults, EeVee etc.
If I drag the cube I get a momentary grey cube but it reverts to cyan dazzle as soon as I stop dragging. It’s the same with other objects inclusing Suzanne.
Dazzle makes it impossible to see to select vertices etc.
If this is a MacBook limitation fair enough, but laptop is convenient to test UI features for documentation.
Thanks in advance

On my Mac Os I get a normal grey - red cube in edit mode…

@kabu So you get the regular grey cube in Edit mode same as in Object mode?
Oh dear.
Anyone else seen this dazzle effect in Edit mode?
Someone suggested it’s because there’s no texture applied yet. Er, maybe, I haven’t got that far yet. But if I wanted to model the mesh a bit before texturing I’d expect to be able to see the vertices and faces clearly, e.g. what’s selected and what’s not. Bother.
I’ll go learn how to apply a texture and see if it changes anything.

Definitely not normal. What model/vintage of MacBook?

Just the default cube, new project, no particular setup:

in edit mode:

MacBook Pro Late 2013, High Sierra

Ah, yes, OK, I admit it, it’s an Oct 2011 MacBook Pro. Only 4GB RAM currently.
***I will check I have the latest 2.80 beta ***.
I’m still using this Mac because, you know, it still runs everything I need including some busy electronic CAD and I’ve never encountered a compatibility problem before. I was pleased that Blender ran at all because my main interest is simple cartoons (although I have no illusions about the potentially limitless hardware demands of rendering!). However I want to contribute to Blender documentation by providing feedback from testing various beta functionality while on the learning curve. I’ve done a fair bit of beta testing (mostly on released products :-[ )

You’re like 70 days of changes behind, so definitely try a new 2.80 download. It changes daily.

I’m not certain whether it’s relevant or not, but also try invoking blender from a command line prompt with the --debug-gpu-force-workarounds command line option just to see if that makes any difference.

That is pretty ancient, so maybe not going to cut it for 2.80. You can probably always use it to run 2.79 of course.

Edit: You should have OpenGL 3.3, so it may potentially be able to work with 2.80.

OK stand down - with the latest beta, in Edit mode, the cube has no cyan dazzle. Apologies all round but thanks! What a great support community!
10 Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 22.05.10.png
I guess I could have tried 2.79 but I only just arrived on the scene and went straight for the beta - hey, I’m an early adopter, with all the pain and excitement that entails. Lesson learned: Keep up, OookLout.
Performance-wise, of course renders are slow but most of the time a faster low-quality rendering is just fine.
But really I just need a hench Linux box.

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