Anyone else still idealess for the BWC?

I desperately want to do something for BWC… The topic is awesome and I’m pumped. I’m a touch late but still plenty of time… accept I can’t think of a damn concept and nothing has been coming to me for the past month! Anyone else in the same situation?

I have the opposite problem: I have a great concept but not much time to complete it. I hope I will finish it before the deadline.

If you want to make an epic scene, recreate the apocalyps or something.

I had have many of the ideas, but also I dont have time to complete them as good quality as i want to.

Ideas… lots of ideas. I’m just not allowed to enter!

It is what i would call a challenge this year, it is pretty open which can be hard.

Good luck if you manage to enter. I am working on getting the entry form up and running ASAP and getting the prize list confirmed/signed off.


Is this a invitation to give you ideas? or is it just a muse on whether or not you are alone in this situation?

If it’s the latter, then sorry, I’m not with you there.

I’m in the situation of cool idea(s), but not enough time. So if anybody want’s to ether here a few ideas spill from my head or even collaborate a entry together let me know.

It seems everyone has ideas but no time…
I just wanted to see if i was alone i guess. Perhaps generate more discussion about how everyone’s doing on their BWC project. I certainly wouldn’t mind if someone had a surplus of ideas though they’d like to share.

Free idea starters, take 'em, part of 'em, or leave 'em altogether.

1: A boy standing among and looking up at huge tree like twisting towers with old pieces of armor (legs, arms, ect.) and weapons sticking out from crevices. At the base of the some “trees” are splattered and/or diced knights and horses. a light or something exists on the far side of the picture…

2: Back view of a small child (or 2) running off the porch into the (imagery) dark forest in the backyard. A few eyes can be seen peeing back at this brave young adventurer starting his quest, wooden sword (stick?) in hand.

3: A person in modern clothes stands heroically above the corpse of a monster (dragon). Alternatively said monster is chasing person from modern world.

4: A real (one that everyone would recognize) person is shown in a fantasy place. ex: Ton leading a bunch of wizards as they make a world…

Sorry, it’s a bit late here and my mind isn’t running as fast as it usually is, so these are all “meh” in my opinion. but if it can help you get over your artistic block that’s what matters. If your still having problems I would suggest going through some of the galleries over at CGTalk, Deviantart, and the like.
Often what I will do is decide one or two basic themes first and then look at CGTalk for a composition that catches my eye and then kind of adapt it from there.

Hope something was helpful,

I have no idea what to do either, but, being busy up 'til now it’s been a good excuse to go with. Still hoping to come up with something before the deadline. :confused:

I have some idea of what to do, but no time. Why did the BWC have to be so late this year, it missed the summer holiday:( when is the deadline?

The theme for this year is very wide. If you like to model landscapes, do Otheworld landscape; if you want to model characters, do some Otherworld character, etc. But I fear there is not so much time left :/.
I personally am still in modelling stage :(, which is no good either.

hmmm… well I think there is still plenty of time left. A few weeks is plenty of time for a still imo unless your the busy type.

And thanks for the ideas atemporalstkill. That’s a good suggestion about checking compositions on other art sites. I tend to do that myself also.