Anyone else tried the free ipod thing?

Apparently it actually works.

Sounds like it’s worth a try anyways. I mean a free 20gb ipod, hell even if I don’t use it I can always sell it on ebay for some extra cash.

That’s the link for the how to of it all.

I’m trying it right now. I’m still waiting for confirmation that I’ve made a bid on something in ebay.

That’s my link if you want to sign up. The reason I put my link is because you also need five other people to sign up with your link and complete an offer(do ebay, bid one cent on a piano or something). So if yuo are going to sign up it’d be nice if you could help me while you do it.

And it’s NOT A SCAM, the guide has proof of a guy getting it. Please don’t start calling me an evil liar who should die because he is spreading hate and evil through the internet. I just want free stuff.

There is also another one like this but called certainly better stuff but I’m trying the ipod one first to see if it works.

Hmmm…why would he GIVE AWAY an ipod?! :o

Well it’s a guide for the site:

So really it’s that that company is giving them away. And the reason they can is because if you thinka bout it looks at the compaines they have that are supplying the cash! AOL, EBay, GM Card, and others. They probably have a warehouse stocked with ipods that they got for a huge discount.

first thing is that this is definitely a SCAM $$ doesn’t grow on trees, check the website more carefully and you will find out sooner or later. sorry you wasted ur time pal

last thing, they have a similar topic in the off-topic section at

What does it say? And where?

I’m pretty sure it works because a bunch of people seem to have gotten them. I’ll try anyway, it never hurts…

I’m not giving out my e-mail to them. Also, I won’t even think about giving out my address.

EDIT: I could just have another e-mail address that I don’t use, and give that to them. I could also give out fake personal info, and for my address, I could get a temporary post box.

Congratulations. You just signed up for several thousand Email offers!!!

If you read the terms closely, you find out that you gave them permission to sell your Email to anyone (and everyone) along with all the other personal information. Also, if you dump your current Email then you won’t qualify for the free IPod (you have to contact them using the same Email you registered with them). You can’t remove yourself from any email lists through them; you have to do it yourself manually. And you have to convice 5 other people to sign up, which is going to be pretty difficult for anyone who reads the terms of service.

The reason they can give away the IPods is that this is a pyramid scheme (though I’m not totally sure if the way they run it that it’s illegal). For instance, for you to get an IPod you have to get 5 people to join up (that’s 6 total including you). For each of them to get an Ipod there needs to be another 25 people. For each of them to get one you need another 125 people, etc. After 7 levels you have 19526 people involved, out of which a maximum of 3901 receive IPods. It doesn’t take too much to figure that not everyone will qualify, but regardless everyone’s Email and personal information will get sold multiple times. This is why they can afford to give away IPods.

Hmmm, screw that then.

I saw a site once that promised you a free PlayStation 2. I looked at the fine print, and it said you had to earn several hundred “points” through their site before it would be sent, and in the meantime, they’ve got your e-mail address. I don’t know how you earned the points, but I’m sure it involved spending a lot of money. I’m willing to bet that by the time you got your free PS2, you would have spent enough to buy several yourself.

lol, ive seen this same thing over and over, for pocket pcs to laptops to ipod to whatever
i almost fell for it too, the first time i saw one a few years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s clearly a scam to get e-mail adresses. Over at CGtalk some guy was already asking other people to help him ‘get his iPod’. The discussion was closed by a mod and everyone that starts simmilar threads risks being banned from the their forum.

Ah, UNDERGROUND MARKETING has finally made it to elysiun. I’ve seen messages almost exactly like this at three other websites.

If you’re going to create spam/underground marketing threads, at least have the class to do it about something that is related to the forums.

akator: he didn’t know it was, and when it was pointed out he said

Please do pay attention