Anyone else use DarkBASIC Pro???

Wow, I haven’t posted in a long while on this forum. I used to use the Blender game engine exclusively, but I eventually moved on the DarkBASIC Professional. I still use Blender 2.34 (w/ .X exporter) for models. I was just wondering if anyone else here uses DBP. Just curious.

i was considering buying it. I have a few questions:

is it easy to use? i’m not a afraid of coding, as i do it for flash games.
is it worth the money?
how long did it take you to learn it?

DBPro is ok. I downloaded the trial, and it was fairly basic. However, I find game programming with Python or C to be much more rewarding.


If ten people can finish a project in ten days then one person can finish the same project in one day. Simple logic.

Not true… if it takes ten days for ten people to finish one project, then it would take one person 100 days to finish the same project. Now that is simple logic.

I have heard comments before that DB pro has a lot of unfinished and buggy features. Plus you need to import all your levels and models.

blender 2.53 uses python

I used to work with DBP time ago, but since I discovered Blender I no longer need DBP, I have MUCH more flexibility in having everything in just one program, so I can create videos (for intros), edit the videos, create levels, and models, everything, and all I have to do to see my models in the engine is hit the ‘P’ key, no longer need to export/import , lose of quality from the 3D package to the engine, an many other cons…

I used to use db… then I moved to blender:D