anyone ever heard of Breeze 3d? Poser solution

Here’s the situation, I bought Poser (some of you will think that a bad move, I know, but stay with me). Poser and Blender don’t talk to eachother, and I’ve noticed that I’m not the only person worried about it here on elysiun. After two weeks of trying to find a way to get them to work together I finally found this freeware program called Breeze.
check out it’s import export abilities:

Import Autodesk 3D-Studio™ 3DS format models.
Import AutoCAD™ 2D and 3D DXF files.
Import Wavefront, RAW and point data in several ASCII formats
Export POV Raytracer 2.0 & 3.0 scenes and animations
Export RenderMan RIB, VRML scenes, Polyray, AutoCAD DXF, Wavefront.

do any of those formats sound farmiliar?

here are the ones that caught my eye: Wavefront (OBJ) RAW (raw triangle) DXF (if you don’t know… never mind…) and VRML.

DXF, VRML and RAW are all files types Blender can export and it can import RAW.
Poser can import DXF (not from blender for some strange reason) and OBJ

Finally, no more fishing around for python scripts for non programers like me! I’m going to continue to design with Blender (from what I can find, the best freeware 3-D designer on the net) and then export to Breezer (a 3-d designer itself, but no way it’ll take Blender’s place) and then export those designs to Poser to use it’s advanced features to make them interact.

In any case, has anyone got any experience with Breeze. I’m sure Blender knocks in out of the park, but still, is it any good?

blender can import OBJ files, go file import, obj.

it is a python script, but it comes with blender

I checked my phython scripts that came with Blender and I don’t see anything about obj files… are you talking about the newest release or something? I’ll dump Breeze if the new release has something like that to offer.

yes it’s in the latest release, and all kinds of other formats too.

You’re right, and thanks… cool Blender automatically updated itself, I didn’t have to do anything but install!

Any way, it’ll load objs, your right about that, but Breeze seems to have an easier time with the size of the ObJ files. There’s got to be a way to reduce the size of those files in Breeze or Blender… hmmm. (Heads over to a poser forum)

anyone know how to export bones to Poser, or does Poser just not recognize those?

Also, where is the remove doubles command, I’ve seen it before, I just can’t seem to find in again!

edit buttons. about the armatures,…i don’t know,…poser may read bvh data though, which blender will export.

Just when you think you know a progam, it gets an upgrade. It can transfer bvh now to? I’ll have to find that command line. Later though, thanks for all the heads up.

Edit buttons? Maybe something’s wrong with my eyes but I don’t see it. When I transfer the poser models, some of the bones are coppied twice. I thought there was a thing to undo that.

you don’t need the command, just go to file >> export >> bvh.

There seems to be a problem with BVH. I don’t get the figure I created imported, all I get is this really funny looking… I don’t know what it is but it don’t even look human. It’s just a bunch of X’s, Y’s and lines between em that aren’t even in the arragement of the figure that I wanted to import.