Anyone ever use AC3D

I was just wondering if anyone ever used AC3D? Just reminiscing about my first 3d moments… :stuck_out_tongue:


I also started with AC3D the 3D fun.

I was using a trail versions to create a simple scene objects for the Aces High I/II h2h custom maps.

After I moved to the Blender (v2.3+) and learn the python basics, I realized, how powerful tool I had on my hands.

The AC3D allowed me to have just one complete object named with .ac file name.

The Blender allowed me to have a whole scene, meaning a complete airport , town, gorge & etc made from1mile * 1mile tiles, with all objects and tiles saved to the one .blend file. The best part was, I could batch export all that at once.

The AC3D is very simple in good and bad.