Anyone experiencing crashes when using knife tool? v2.78

Ever since 2.78 or maybe earlier version, I notice that roughly 1 out of 10 times when I tried to use knife tool, blender crashes back to desktop. I tried search it on google and I didn’t notice anyone else reporting it. So is it just me or others are else having this problem?

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It would be best to try and figure out what exactly is happening in that 10% of the time where you get a crash (are you stopping in the middle of a face? are you cutting through multiple edges? are you snapping to midpoints? and so on). Once you’re able to consistently reproduce it, then you’ll have enough to send the developers a useful bug report.

I can confirm that sometimes happens.

I’m using the last build from

I’m getting multiple confirmations from others, and it’s not knife tool only, it could be any random mesh related actions. And when it happens, it always happens in a streak.