Anyone familiar with iSundae?

This weekend I discovered Phantom Moose Films, while looking for videos that mixed live action with Blender. I wondered if anyone else here is familiar with their two movies iSundae and iSundae II.

iSundae II

I think that this is a very good demonstration as to what Blender can do, as far as live action editing.

Ummm . . . your avatar is cool.

Kbot: “I am Bob! Leave my enchanted boggy forest! Fear my wrath!” I just had to say that because I have that line from iSundae II stuck in my brain.

“Cheeeeeese…cheese souffle! (Oh yeah!)”

“I don’t wike it.”


Yep Ok. Got to admit it . . . until I click on the links, I won’t get what’s stuck in your brain. But anyways, cheers for the link. And please have some emphathy about that political thread I opened only to have it completely disappeared.

So Mssr Moonflower, and Mssr RedJay . . . unfortunately I am not cut out to be the forum meanie, and hence cannae mess around with ye blender settings.

Mssr, what does that mean, kbot?

Believe me kbot, since the movies do not have “pirates” in it, you “won’t wike it”. Sorry just had to. Another quote from the movie.

To everyone else, I highly recommend watching this as soon as you have, oh, about 4 hours to watch both movies, then all of the Bloopers, and all of the behind the scenes stuff. :smiley:

Yeah, or you might “miss Jeopardy” (sorry, just had to, another quote) :stuck_out_tongue:

from the Bloopers of course! (that’s where that quote comes from)

OK, one last one: “I am the mysterious and legendary floating head of knowledge. But you can just call me Malfhok” Oh no! “As a mysterious and legendary floating head of knowledge, I can assure you that everything is perfectly… Ah! A phantom moose! Run!” “No, that spooky noise is just a figment of your imagination.” “No it was just a figment of your imagination”
I need to go to bed and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get the tune to the book of knowledge song out of my brain!

@ Moonflower - Mssr means either Mr or Mrs/Miss/Ms.

A polite way to address someone when you aren’t quite sure if whom you are addressing is a boy or girl.

In your case I know . . . but I was using very formal terms to address you lasses.

Oh and since this is a thread about isundae . … . um yeah I will watch it eventually.

OK, if it’s either/or, because if it meant Mr, then I would have said I’m not a Mssr, I’m a Msss. :stuck_out_tongue: