Anyone feel like taking on a export script?

Since I just got ut2k4. And that unrealED dosn’t run on linux. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to attempt a ut2k4 export script. Of course for player models it would need to be able to expot animations and uv’s. This may not be something anyone want’s to tackle until you are able to make bones with python. But it would be great for all those linux user’s out there who like ut2k4 and wanna do their own models with blender :slight_smile: So if anyone want’s to tackle this, I would greatly appreciate it. And I’m sure so would a large part of the community.

There are other people I’ve seen posting that want to do similar stuff.

Personally I hate UT with a passion, but hey that doesn’t help you out…so…I hope my first sentance helps a little. Umm…try searching these forums, I know I’ve seen posts on No idea if anything is actually being made though.