Anyone game for a Parody?

Hello everyone!
I need some work done myself for a short minecraft music parody.
I am more then willing to pay and will give you lots of creative freedom.
Payment (paypal), advertising, links etc. will all included if you decide to help out.
If you name a reasonable price, and I like your work, we can get started immediately.
Respond to this thread, or message me if you think you are the right man/woman for the job!
I’m really excited about this project and I see big things if I can get someone good for this animation.
I can supply more specs if you so require, or desire.
Take care,

is it true?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this…
If I’m understanding you correctly, yes. Honest-to-goodness-true. I will pay if I like your work. =)

Skype me


I’m ready to try it if you want… ^^

9bit: Done, although I don’t use it much, so it would be 100 times easier if you would just PM me.

Floripin: PM me please? =)