Anyone good at making knife textures ?

I having some trouble making a knife texture, also the limited amount of detail that can be seen :frowning:

I use to create that kind of textures using Blender. I just render a chrome-like texture. Sometimes I even model a more detailed blade.
That’s what it looks like:

I do often use Blender renderings as a basic texture for all metal textures and work them over in the way that they fit.

Another example:

Same thing where I need particle based textures like fire and stuff like that.

I couldn’t ignore this topic, so I help you. Did you know you have a awesome texture guru in your home? Now you must think, do I have another guys living in my garbage bin. Lol no, it’s your PhotoCamera. When I need to make a texture I go outside or inside house, to grap some stuff to photograph. Then download them on my pc, open a painting program (is use photoshop, but check for free ps like paint program) and open it, then draw over it and I have my own texture. You can also choose using the photo, but for some reasons, it doesn’t fit in a blender game :D.

So grap your photocamera and take some picture. :smiley:

Thanks kEinStein, I was wondering how did you get those shines and shading onto the blade and metal ?

I also use photos for basic textures: Especially for organic stuff like grass, foliage, stone, dirt, wood and treebark. But such things like metals or so I use Blender for it because I can’t find out there what I need - or at least not the way I need it.

Al_Capone: It’s hard to explain. Just play a bit around with the material settings. Sometimes I use an image, cloud or stucci texture for faking a chromic effect. It’s a kind of a try and error game sometimes. :wink:

So, I should render it, save the render and reaply it ?

Yep, kinda. Perhaps give it a hand and change it as nessessary in a graphic manipulation programm like Photoshop or the Gimp. but that’s the principle, yes.

Then why didn’t you say so ?

Errrr… Didn’t I? :wink:

I guess :slight_smile:

You could also try using a UV texture as a reflection map, so it looks like there’s a “relfection” or shine to the sword

It works well if you wish to keep the sword or knife generally small

I’ll give that a try.