Anyone good at setting up modems?

I am temporarily going to be living at my parent’s house for a few months and im getting some computers set up, although one of them does not have a wireless adapter to receive wireless internet. We found a cable jack in the room they are set up in, however it’s been unused ever since my parents got the house. I hooked up my modem to it, and though it powers on and all lights are green and Ethernet cable connected, the computer still has no internet. And when selecting the internet options on the computer itself it does not show their internet’s name that appears on other computers. Instead it just reads as Network 2.

We suspect two things.

  1. The Jack is not “Live”
  2. The modem needs further set up to get their Internet service to send through it.

Modem is a Netgear AC1900 C6300BD if that helps. (just readin’ the words off of it here)

you cant have two modems usually.

you need to register new modems with ISP. this might be done through a setup webpage.

you could setup another wifi hotspot (your modem) as a wireless bridge to the other hotspot so the lan ports get internet. theres a chance you might need custom firmware.

Why not just plug the Ethernet cable into your parents router?

Only 1 router can be connected to a line at a time. Depending on your ISP, your username and pass might be tied to your line.

Oh i see, Thanks :slight_smile:
I forgot to mention, im about two rooms away from the router, and not that i couldn’t get a long enough Ethernet cable, but i don’t think they would appreciate the cable in the way or the look of it if it was strung over doors and things.

I suppose i will try one of those tp link wireless adapters that plugs into the USB port or figure out the Wifi hotspot wireless bridge thing

I work as an IT specialist. Have a Skype and a good camera? I can tell you what to do.