Anyone got advice on how to line up blue prints??

I’m a blender newbie and need so advice on how to line up some blue prints i’ve downloaded, any tips??

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

There’s two ways to do it.

  1. Apply images to background image in front and side view.
    View>Background Image
    You can then adjust the placement, size etc.

  2. Apply images to planes.
    Create a plane in front view etc.
    UV Unwrap the plane
    Apply blueprint as texture

The second method allows you to still see your blueprints as you rotate the 3D view.
All the best.

Thanx, this wrks great!
Do you have any advice on lining up your background image for modelling? I’m trying to a model a car using planes, vertices etc but am having trouble lining up the image in different views (front, side etc).

choose a blueprint that is accurate in dimensions… working with not-accurate blueprints can be a pain…

this tutorial might be useful too