Anyone got any tips on Motion Tracking

Okay, I saw a few things on Motion Tracking and downloaded Voodoo and imported a tga clip, hit track and saved it has a .py. Not bad for never using it before. But now what do I do? How do I import my .py into Blender? Got any suggestions?

easy - what kind of file is that .py? usually files with extension .py are python scripts. but since this is a motion tracker software i doubt it exports python scripts.

so, would you be so kind to take some time and provide more information? like links to voodoo, or information on the file, and such…

Actually, if I remember correctly, this one does :slight_smile:

OnGodsGreen: Try opening up that file in Blender’s text editor and doing Alt P to run the script.

Voodoo exports tracking data to blender through a python program

I was just playing with it.

broken is correct.

To see the result open a window in top view, press Alt-A. Watch the camera movement it willl now track the exact movement.

I just did a quick render with thier tga sample and a simple object.

DIVX mpeg4

How did you composite the rendered object back onto the video?

I did it faster than I can explain it, but here goes…

Keep in mid that after you run the script a new camera is added at a completely differant location and angle so when you yoou do the following steps you will need to relocate the plane.

I started in front view but after seeing how the camera was located after running the script I’d probably do it in top view

To open a background Image
Select view then Background image
LMB click on “Use background image”
LMB click on the image button then goto the dir with your image and select it.

add a plane to the window and size it to the same size of the background image


Add a (F5) material to the plane LMB click “Shadeless”
then add a (F6) texture
In the texture window LMB click “Add New”
Now LMB click “Texture Type” and select “Image”

Also - I also added the same picture to to plane as a UV picture then set my windows to texture mode so I could see it realtime. If you do this make sure the UV pictures is in the same rotation as the original.

Do a quick render (F12) and hopefully you should see the plane with the picture on it.

Here’s the tricky part - you will need to position the plane facing the new camera. You’ll have to judge the position and size of the picture so that it matches the opening frame of the movie.

Hope this makes sense.

Here’s a screen shot of what i just did.

Click to enlarge

Is there another method that doesn’t require the DV footage to be resampled? …possibly with the sequencer?

I’m not familir with Voodoo, I just opened it up today for the first time and did that little test. What do you mean by resampled?


There is another program no longer on the net called Icarus, It’s a much more complicated prgram than voodoo but does a lot more like erasing objects in a shot video. It kind of gives you the same effect as using a green screen.

If you want a copy send me a PM.

Edit - Effstops has got ICARUS down, check this tutorial

And his web site

Wow you guys answered all my questions perfectly. I was confused why Voodoo made a bunch of Cameras and never put any thought to rendering it anyways, but it seems to work. Thanks. I have a friend who has Icarus and if he can get me a copy I’ll see if I can send you a copy. Meanwhile Icarus goes out of Business and Momorex Burnable CD’s becomes very prosperous…hehe.

Wait no. I can’t find my cursor. Whenever I try to add an object or a mesh I get the famous “Microsoft Substitution for a Blue Screen of Death Error Report” and then it shuts down. The camera moves nicely though. Got any suggestions?

I’m not sure that this will help but try it.

Open the User Preferance Window, CLick on Views & Controls and see if the Large Cursor button is on. If it’s depressed, then click it to turn it off or try the opposite.