Anyone got Icarus 2.09 for windows?

Hi, i finally found a copy of icarus, but it’s apparently an older version (2.07) that is quite slow and doesn’t import avi files, and seeing as im on a pc using dv footage this is quite an annoyance, so does anyone have version 2.09 (or higher if there is such a thing)?

if so i would be forever grateful if you could email it to me

thank you

nobody has it?

Isn’t Icarus commercial program these days? I haven’t used the program myself, so I don’t know for certain, but i remember reading something like that.

i don’t have a pc version (only the latest mac version)

if i were you i should PM effstops (the thread starter of the link below) he has got a version for PC and mac i thought.

it is and it isn’t, icarus isn’t being developed anymore, it’s called pftrack, but i was hoping there was someone out there who still had a copy of icarus 2.09 from when it was free

I just downloaded the free version, but it is 2.07 … not 2.09. If there is a 2.09 version that was free, I know nothing about it. Sorry.

where did you “download” it? did someone host it for you?

Actually, I don’t remember where I got it. I have the installer application if you want it (Window’s version). It’s 46 MB, and I can’t host it as I have no web site. I can email it to you if you want me to.

Or, you could do what I did and simply google for it. You might find it faster if you search for the actual name of the install program.


Either way, I wish you luck.

hehe, thx :slight_smile: but don’t need it any more :wink:

Late post. Sorry. But I found it:

I have an earlier version, how can I update?


I had v2.07 before, then I installed this over the top.
The new version overwrites older versions.