Anyone got ICARUS Cam Trackin & 3D reconstruction softwa

Hey gang,
I am a student doing research into fields such as Geometry Reconstruction and Camera tracking and have recently discovered ICARUS which i would love to try out. It used to be available from their website:
however, unfortunately they have recently sold their technology to The Pixel Farm, so its no longer available for download. I noticed that several people from here have used it before and wondered if anyone still had a copy of it that i could get?
V2.0 i think was the latest.
It would be greatly appreciated!!! :wink:

Many ppl have asked for this, no one is willing to give it.

I have found this:

havn’t tried it, but the demos look good.

edit: just tried it out. works well, exports to Maxscript, and to xsi. maxscript i KNOW is human-readable, which means it should be easy to make a script that converts the maxscript to blender… messy i know, but hey.