Anyone gotten their Blenderella DVD yet?

Just wondering if anyone who’s ordered their DVD has gotten it yet and if so how you like it.

Shipping will probably still take a week or two, I reckon. :wink:

Hee hee, sorry. I guess I’m just getting itchy to find out what it’s like :slight_smile:

Still waiting here…

It has arrived - whoo-hoo!

i dont want to start a fight here . so sorry for this question. i am thinking of buying blenderella. but i need to know this.

if you watched every blendercookie tutorial … can Blenderella teach us any new trick?

I would say definitely. When modeling of course some similarities exist, but every artist approaches things differently. It’s always to see different perspectives.

matfr! So did you watch it yet? I’m dying of anticipation!

Adventures in Blender is going to do a review when he gets his but I’m impatient! Please tell us what you think.

I have watched bits of it quickly at work - it seems really good and she takes some different approaches (starting face modeling from the eyes, which is new to me). Only quick criticisms:

The HTML menu seems broken on my system… no biggie, all the files are there…
Sometimes I wish I could have seen more of what goes on in the time lapses (of which there are a lot).

So far I am really happy with it though, it looks like there is going to be a lot to learn from this.

Just found this blog post about menu probs and video files in wrong order too.

I’m in San Francisco, California and I’m still waiting for mine… I pre-ordered and I still haven’t gotten it… I’m getting restless!!!

In the FAQ, it says, “[Shipping] is handled by Spring Global Mail. We use their priority mail service, guaranteeing an average delivery time of 3-5 working days for Europe, and 5-8 working days for the rest of the world.”

And later in the shipping chart it says:

Region              Fixed order     Variable cost per kg    Delivery time
                    price           (1 kg = 2.2 pound)      (after shipment)

Netherlands         2.50 EUR            6.00 EUR            1-3 days
Europe              2.50 EUR            7.50 EUR            3-8 working days
Rest of world       2.50 USD            10.50 USD           5-12 working days

So, it should’ve been here by now, but I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow before I email them about it.

got mine yesterday :smiley:

Blenderella dvd arrived on friday. No menu-problems here in Ubuntu… but they seemed to be win-problem anyway. Video order seems to be fine also, as far as i’ve been watching.

Here is more info for dvd-printing error:

Got mine on friday. Menu is ok in ubuntu, but menu problems seemed to be win-only problem. Haven’t noticed any misordered videos, been watching two sections (01 - references and 02 - head).

Here is information about printing problems:

just deleting doubles…

Got mine on Saturday, been busy with other things so haven’t watched it just yet though. :slight_smile:

The review is up here:

Off to read it now!

I finally got mine today! Woot!!

I just ordered my copy of Blenderella. They ordered new DVDs which is supposed to fix the interface problem.

You can also use the fix patch…