Anyone has good experiences with Reshacker?


I’m trying to use Reshacker to change the icon of my Blender executable to my personal icon. After I do this the exe refuses to run.

Has anyone succesfully used Reshacker before to change icons? Can anyone give some good advice about changing the icon.

I’m using Blender 2.34, so I can’t use the program Icon Replacer.


I tried using a different program (can’t remember the name) to replace icons for 2.3x runtimes, but it didn’t work either. Someone needs to update Icon Replacer, or even better, add a Choose Icon feature to Blender.

Weird it dosen’t work for me either.

I had similar probs but I found a free/shareware program called “installer 2go”(do a google)that enables you to change icons as well as zipping the daylights out of the file size.

You may need to change the icons resolution and
size to work properly

Good Luck

Dr S