Anyone has the birds boids good blend file ?

Im so tired of trying all settings and not getting the result as you can see in this video

does anyone has that file , or a similar one ?

thanx !

I have been dealing with this as well. I am using boids to manage attack ships in a space scene. I find that they “twitter” if they emerge from the emitter in a state of collision with their neighbor. Try making the emitter really, really big, set it to volume emit with random on. Also stagger their entrance into the scene. So start and end frames should be like 0 and 30 or 60.

I also find they “twitter” and flip around if they get caught within the field of the goal they are chasing. So put a strong repelling field around the goal so they can never reach it.

It is a frustrating system, I am still not happy, but feel free to try out my quick demo. Maybe it can help.

In my current space scene, I have dummied down the particle system so I am using an emitter, emitting 1 particle, for every boid ship in the scene (currently only 6). You may want to create multiple emitters for your flock as well. then you can space them apart and crowding may not be as much of a problem.


ras_boid_attractor_deflector-2.blend (239 KB)