Anyone have a Nvidia card better then a 7 series?

If you do go here:

You can download a “pack” that comes with a lot of cool stuff. On the fly fluid simulations demo, on the fly cloth simulation demos, etc.

I thought it would be cool to bring this up because Nvidia just came out with CUDA:

It’s a development environment for C programmers that gives you access to the GPU and I think it’s free. I’m no programmer but I was wondering if it would be possible to make a render engine that makes use of the GPU in blender. The fluid simulations demo was extreemly fast on my 9600GT (10 to 15 frames per secound) maybe it would also be possable to bake simulations using the GPU too?

All of this is just theory and I’m not sure how well all of this would work out but any thoughts?

Not everyone has 9x series of Nvidia cards. Some people have ATi even. If developers will implement GPU accelereation in Blender, they should leave current implementation as a choice.

Nevertheless, sounds very interesting. Have a mobile 9600gt at home. Will try it later. Thanks…

We already had that ^^

Better to wait for OpenCL methinks. (Not platform specific)

just hope it would be as much better as it !!
it’s terrible to have a serie 9, tell yourself it could do things so much faster even thinking about “almost” realtime preview in blender as a quadro would do. and not being able to use that feature.
or computing fluids and cloth with it wow !!!
anyway if a smart head (wish I could), is up to make the try, I’ll be glad to test it for him !!

btw, wouldn’t be possible to have it with enable/disable function as we would add a thread or not, so people who doesn’t have series 8 or 9 would have to active it ? just wonder though

can’t wait the GPU computing times … gonna be sooo could no matter how

Radiance over at has experimented with CUDA checkout these links if you wish to see it’s not as simple as people may believe.

I have a quadro and it does not do anything for me.