Anyone have an idea how to make tears of steel rocket scene?

I want to make the rocket scene, but i don’t know how to do it. I think, in that scene doesn’t use any simulation. It’s look like some cone or sphere where added with wave modifier. I have try it, but i wonder how to model it and animate it. Thank you

Well, if you subscribe to the Blender Cloud you can download all the production scenes and assets and look at how it was originally built.

You would maybe need to get a version of blender from the same time period (2.64 might be good, but I’m not certain) to work with those files.

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yes of course, but i don’t have money for it and the payment a little bit hard to do in my country. Wish i have my own credit card. By the way, thanks for your answer. I’m seeking for alternative way

Can you point to the exact scene … like, with a youtube timecode?

oke bro, here is the link :

It’s very first scene, the opening scene, so beautiful and i really love it. Hope someone can help me recreating this scene :slight_smile:

I think… I think it’s a series of cylinders inside each other (and cones) with animated textures that phase from transparent to emission… plus lots of glare…

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