Anyone have any experience with SDL?

I’m thinking about dedicating some time to learn the SDL API.

Before I do however, I would like to hear some input from people who already know it. Meaning I’m not looking for just a list of tutorials (i can google that myself), instead I am looking for some wisdom gained by experience on the matter. So for those of you that already went through the whole deal:

How did you go about learning it?
What were some mistakes that you made in the learning process?
What resources would you recommend (tutorials, documentation etc)?


That depends on if you’re going for 2D or 3D. If you’re going to use 3D, there is not much SDL api to learn. You just take a few SDL initialize commands, bind the OpenGl context to the sdl window and continue happily with OpenGL.

If you’re going for 2D there are many example programs how to do it. Very valuable resource are ludum dare and speedhacks (competitions for programmers to write a game in 48 hours). These games are small and simple, so figuring out how others use SDL is easy.

I personally learned SDL by signing for one of these competitions and learned on the fly. (My game pretty sucked though). There is going to be one compo from 17.11. . So that maybe a fun way to learn it.

Thanks for the links, but I’m not looking to get into a competition (not everyone can just learn “on the fly”). I just want someone with experience (who went through the whole deal), to tell me their opinions on what they think to be:

  • The best set of docs
  • The best tutorials
  • The best example srcThings that they can personally vauche for, because they themselves used those same materials to learn SDL.