Anyone have any idea how to achieve a similar type of embossment?

Hi! I’m relatively new to Blender. I’m not a 3D artist but a I’m designer trying to add 3D to his bag of tricks.

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to create an embossing effect similar to the one in the image I’m attaching.

Been trying with cloth and soft bodies ass well as boolean modifiers but can’t seem to get the right effect I’m looking for.

Begging for help!

Not sure what you want…picture is not much information with all the emissive going on…
I worked up a quick example of Cloth and collision… with only a very few changes in the default settings and a simple text and plane…

The subdivision is the key to cloth… plane subdivided 30 and SubD Modifier on simple with 2 subdivisions…which only makes about 15.5k faces…, not that many.

Now…do you want the super sharp edges as shown? Doubtful if cloth will get you there with-out subdividing into the million faces category.

Honestly, what it looks like is an extremely dense mesh with a displacement map probably handmade using curves/paths and gradients. If you were to use a program like Inkscape or Illustrator, you could create a path that has a gradient as it’s stroke. That gradient would be black or gray on the outsides and slowly transition to a very thin, white center. That would give the letters the sharp peaks in their outlines. I can’t say how dense your mesh would need to be for sharp lines, but that’s how I would approach it.

Ahh thanks so much!
But yeah, unfortunately the sharp edges is what I’m looking for.
Thanks for taking the time!

I’ll give this a shot!
Not sure if I follow 100% but I’ll do the research and try my best.
Thank you so much my friend.