Anyone have any Ideas/Links to rpg villiages?

I’m currently want to lay out the framework for the starting villiage for my character, but I need a complete picture so…

Anyone know of links to pictures of rpg villiages? Ones like Legend of Legia or the FF7 ones. I haven’t had any luck in finding any link that’ll give me a concise idea on how to model a rpg villiage. Hopefully someone can point me to at least some dencent screen shots. If not, can anyone tell me what they would expect a small villiage to have at the bare miniumum. I have my own ideas, but I’ll probably miss out on the stuff that’ll be essential for a villiage to run. Thanks for any help.

Jason Lin

Well, Im not sure that there really is a concise answer to what a small village should have. It depends on the game really. But, In general most should have:

Several Houses
Items/weapons/armor shop(s)
Magic Shop (If in original FF style)
Generally a well or two
Some animals
Some farm Plots (Assuming its a farming village)
If its a religious village a church/worship center
Maybe a stream
Some fences
Small alcoves with items in them
Stone or grass pathways

Also, check out, Check around the site and in the forums for some pictures of 2D rpg villages. Im sure that they are there if you look hard enough.

Hope this helps.

Can’t forget the Inn or local pub for inquiring about the latest world-shattering events.

Guys thanks for the replies.

shbaz, Inn or pubs will probably be for other villiages when he’s traveling. The villiage he’s going to start off in is his home villiage.

MusicMan I think you’ve covered almost all the general stuff. Thanks.

Hmm, so anyone have any pictures of what MusicMan mentioned? I could use real life images and somehow make them fit into an rpg like setting. Thanks guys for the answers, but if anyone has links or more ideas don’t hesistate to add to the post. Thanks.

Jason Lin

If you want images, search google images for them. They should all be a relatively easy find. Houses may not be, but do a normal web search for maybe medival history groups, assuming this is a kind of “castley” type game, if its not, and its say a feudal Japan game, then search for something like, “Feudal Japan Historical Socities”, or something of the like, you’ll find it eventually. This is assuming that you want pictures of the stuff from real life.

If you want to look at maps made and in place in other RPGs then do a search for RPG development, or RPG developers, or RPGs or something of the kind. Hope this helps, and I’ll keep and eye out for other stuff too.

I don’t see why it being his home villiage would make any difference. My home villiage has a hotel and several dozen bars. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a college town.

Lol, sorry shbaz. I meant that I don’t see the villiage in my rpg having a pub. Uhh, the characters aren’t going to be human so I don’t know if I’m going to put beer into the place. I might consider the inn though. I’ve been collecting real life pictures of buildings and objects from the web. So hopefully when I get around to it, I’ll be able to create the villiages in no time. Thanks.

Jason Lin

If you don’t mind me asking, what are you using to make the RPG? I assume something like RPGToolkit or the other one thats like rpgmaker2000 or something. Im sure there are others too. Well, what am I saying, you using Blender? Just wondering.

Yup, I’m using Blender. It’s possible to make an rpg using it so why not. However, work on it is slow since I have school and everything. During the summer I plan to work on it and see how much of it I will finish. So far I only have the character modeling and rigged with armatures. Even with that done I might have to redo the joints if his arms and legs can’t dish out the martial arts moves I want.

Take Lemmy for example he’s made Legend of Taro in Blender. I don’t think he’s totally done yet though. Also looking at Mooman’s cool effects in the game engine, I definitely believe a great rpg game with nice effects can be created.

I did look at the RPGToolKit, but unfortunately it’s for 2D rpg’s. Plus, Blender is great and I’ve invested a lot of time into learning it. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus if I do it in Blender, I’m bound to learn a lot more of Blender.

Lot’s to do though. Although exams are coming up, getting ideas for the basic stuff like the villiage, storyline, weapons, etc aren’t too time consuming and it’ll make life a lot easier later on anyways. Thanks for asking.

Jason Lin