Anyone have pre-1.73 versions of Blender?

Hey guys.

After having seen a couple of recent nostalgia threads here
I’m wondering. Does anyone have a version of Blender older than 1.73? (available here

An old beta version perhaps? If so would you be willing to make it availible here?


just outa curiosity, why would u need a pre 1.73?? lol

I would really like to play with it. Would it be legal?

Just for a novelty I guess, Vitaliy.

Of course I’d need a different OS than Windows for anything older than 1.80. But I have Linux on my old machine and would still like to have other versions.

Good question. The first versions were free but proprietary. What rules would govern their distribution now?

Blender was freely available, I assume that it should not be a problem. At some point there was a key you could buy to unlock extra features.

I could only find 1.72. It is is here
It is up unless some one tells me to take it down.

I’ll dig deeper in my archives, I am almost sure I have a pre 1.70 version.


404 error; I guess someone told you to bring it down?

No, I screwed up the link. Try it again.


Thanks B0r3d! That would be great!

Cool link and nice and fast downlaod speed.

The zip file is corrupt. Using Win98se with 7zip and Winzip10.

Very strange, The zip file originally had an animation which made it huge, I removed the animation and uploaded a much smaller version but unfortunatelly the new size never reflected on the server even though the new file was smaller it always reverted to the larger size, no mater what I did to it. I finally had to copy it to a different name, I have updated the link in my original message but repeat it here for convenience. It should work now, sorry for the incovenience.


Hi Blenderheads,
just at time I was thinking how its was when I start blendering,
it was 1.62 or 1.63 I dont know.
The olderst versions I could find, are from Carsten Wortmanns Blenderbuch
I will share it with you on my H.P.
But ACHTUNG the zip is 17mb and inside are all
Versions for Linux, Win, Sun, Solaris, Mac? of Blender 1.68a
Keep on Working with: Poormans Maya


There are window versions for blender 1.67a/168a/1.69c/1.70a/1.71/1.72 on my blender\stock01 directory .

Plop it up, if you like.

i remember i have version 1.4

Version 1.68a gave me a headache

I forgot to give the url : Of course, to use all the functions of these versions you need a ckey .
Attention : “volatile directory”.

Thanks guys!Wow, Looking at these you can really appreciate how far Blender’s come.Yet it was still a very powerful app when it first came out, compared to other free 3d programs available back then.

I also have version 1.4, let me see if i can dig it up out of my backups