Anyone have some tips for me?

This is my finished result, I think it can have a better look.


Cycles, 5000 samples.

Second Try.


I lived in a room that was all white once. Horrible experience, like living inside a refrigerator. I hung anything I could find on the walls to give it a bit of color: maps, posters, wrapping paper, shopping bags…

Your image feels a little bit like a showroom, if it was actually lived in, then nothing would be so uniform unless the person living there had a severe case of OCD. The worktop seems a little bare, too?

Add common objects and stuff that you would see. A magazine lying on the bunker would be good. A fruit bowl? maybe. Have a look at your kitchen and see what stuff is vital to have there…

If it’s possible then open up some cupboard doors (not too much) and give a glimpse of whats inside… Maybe some pots and pans, or some fabrics etc.

I like it so far though.

I think it look better now, what do You think? Thank You for all the tips.

Thank You Moony, I am looking for the “Colour Temperature” node but without results, I will keep searching or, if someone can tell me where is it I will find it faster.

When you add nodes - its under the “Converter” sub menu and apologies - it is actually called “Black Body”

Nice work! I like the disorganized one better too.

Now with warmer ilumination, I found the node Moony, thank You.

A couple of windows letting in some natural light would help.

Thank You Arkmabat, I would like to know what do You think abouth this one.

Ctdabomb: I can´t because this space have not windows.

Thank You for all the comments.

Is the island bunker on the ground? it looks like it’s hovering just a bit

I think it looks better. Thanks for all the comments again.


Maybe a skylight on the ceiling. A Skylight is basically a tube going right up to the surface with mirrors or a reflective surface inside that bounces light downwards to add natural light to a room that would be impossible with windows.

A fundamental problem, present in all the shots, is that the front surfaces of the upper cabinets are entirely “blown out,” as is the refrigerator. The lower cabinets have better exposure.

An obvious possibility is simply to paint them. Who says the kitchen has to be “white, white, white and more white?”

On the other hand, you do have good levels in all of the shadows, courtesy of Cycles (I presume).

Thanks for the comments, I learned some things here.