Anyone have the basic version of FL Studio?(Fruity Edition)

Hey guys, not so much a Music maker here, but i know a guy who really wants to start.
I’m trying to find a Christmas gift for him and I was thinking maybe i can get his dreams off the ground with a program.

I see FL Studio has a few versions and he can upgrade later. So i was thinking of just getting the most basic version but when i read through what it has it all looks like a different language to me.

So if anyone had this version, i thought i would list some things i think he would want from a program like this and…try and ask you if it has it? :x

and if anyone knows other good starter music making programs let me know :smiley:

He’s a big dubstep guy,


  1. Loops? I know that’s in the title though.
  2. import personal sound files like voice or noises
  3. possible way to choose an instrument and make it make some notes?
  4. exporting without some sort of watermark
  5. pitch change
  6. Tempo changes?

You know now i realize really how little i know about music… I don’t even know what to list.

Anyway thanks for reading and considering.
Just wanna help a guy try out learning a program to get him off the ground for his edm dream stuff.

It is a powerful music making program that is quick to get started in and with a price well below that of the industry leaders. There are three flavors (Vanilla, Pro, and Recording Studio). The licensing is permanent (ie. no subscription).

It does not come with unlimited control over pitch out of the box (even though it has a few tools for it), but I think Pro owners get a version of Melodyne for free with their order (which allows it).


I would recommend the same.
Mixcraft is really good and easy to work with.
It’s pretty much comparable to Logic Pro, and I have worked with Logic Pro for 5 years until I switched to Windows for producing tracks, this is where I switched to Mixcraft

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we have fl studio on the ps4

I’ve heard good things about Ableton, I know a lot of industry professionals use it, like the producer who worked on Redbone, and the mandalorian soundtrack. The intro version is pretty cheap at $100, on sale right now for $80