Anyone have the Blender 2.42a BlenderPeople build?

I’m trying to find to special blender build (windows) for BlenderPeople 0.8. Both of the links are broken (230 and 954). I’ve tried downloading the source (yes the full source, not just the source/blender folder from harkyman’s website) and building it, but with no success.

I did manage to run half the script with the normal blender 2.42a. The special blender is required when you generate the armature animation (for anyone who doesn’t already know)

Can someone delete this post from the “Other Software” section. I didn’t see this section when I posted it there. Thanks

Did you try this site? User Cyclinfast (comment number 32) has a link to a download that works, at least as far as the “download as” screen

Yes, I’ve tried that. That is an altered version of the script, not the build.

anyone? harkyman?

Sorr to bring up and old thread but I REALLY NEED this version of blender. I showhow lost it in moving computers