Anyone have the Icarus import script?

Yes, I know how to search, and I’ve searched with Google and on this site. I’ve only found one link that worked and it was from 2003 for Blender 2.23 or something like that. It gives me an error when I try to import with it. I know there have been later versions, but I can’t find one anywhere.

Can anyone provide the files?

At the bottom of the page:

Thanks. I found several links to the file hosted at that site, but they weren’t working. It looks like they moved the file to a different directory.

i give you icarus import script :smiley:


Thanks for this… :slight_smile:

no problem if anybody needs icarus itself i have it as well :slight_smile:

Ver. 2.09? I have 2.07, and I think there’s a problem importing vid files. It doesn’t seem like any codec works. :frowning:

I’ll pm you my email addy.


i only got 2.7 :(. and as for importing video i have done it many times without problems maybe you dont have the right codec?

What codec you using? :slight_smile:

I recently “upgraded” to XP SP2 (from SP1+), and I have problems with it and a particular codec in another app.

just the standerd quick time codec for a .mov i never really use the .avi and like you when i just tryed to load in avi it fubar and say its unsupported type :frowning:

Cool - will try .mov then. :slight_smile:

(Darned Mac types - trying to take over the world.) :wink:

Hi :

Thanks as well .


here’s an old thread;

also If you have installed Icarus 2.xx, i have 2.09 in a 2meg zip, just the exe’s & dll’s, just unzip to your icarus 2.xx directory’s.

I can email it to you.

Oh, and just to confirm - I just exportd in Adobe Premiere to .mov and it imported into 2.07 just fine.


well i am glad to here the .mov is working well for your :D. i have been trying to find a place to host icarus 2.7 do to a few request i have had for it but i cant find a place that will let me upload a file so large i will be more then happy to upload it if anybody can provide a good site to host it :slight_smile:

Has anyone had luck getting this script to run under Blender 2.40? I’m getting errors of “got Integer, expected Float” but that was from Blender itself.

The error from python is “IpoCurve has no attribute ‘points’”


well it gives me in error to check the consol yet it still creates the cures and it still runs right so im happy not sure whats makeing yours error