Anyone having problems moving to 2.25?

(TorQ) #1

The current project that I am working on crashes everytime I try to view it in textured mode using 2.25. That same file works fine when I bring it back into 2.23. This also affects me when I try to create an stand alone executable. When I launch the .exe it crashes. Has anyone else been having problems like this? Thanks for your help.


(Abracsis) #2

This won’t help much, and I don’t have the publisher so I don’t know.

But knowing blender, it may not be you entering texture mode, or creating the executable, but if your trying to open a corrupted Jpeg, or something strange like that. If you have a few scenes with a copied object that has no faces. (that was just a made up example of the sort of things that can cause these problems)

Try a basic scene, check it in texture mode, check the executable, do they work? If yes, build on it a bit, and so on, until you find what eventually causes the crash.

If it simply crashes from you performing the action of entering texture mode, it could be a hardware/software conflict, as Not everyone is shouting out about this problem. (i don’t think). And your best bet is to wait for 2.26 (if ever!) or re-install 2.25

hope this could be of some help