Anyone having this problem?

(see link in post below for pic)

I’m having problems where the images for the window types aren’t being displayed, as well as every other button or dropdown menu that has an image on it. They aren’t blank, just static or lines.

Can anybody tell me how to fix it? I tried downloading Blender again but same problem.

In your Display Settings you can try resetting your Color Depth and Hardware Acelleration. Update the drivers (although sometimes the latest ones are’nt always the best where Blender is concerned).


well, I just downloaded 2.42, and earlier today 2.41 didn’t have that problem.

I didn’t try changing display settings but the problem still exists.


Oh well, I’ll just stick with 2.41 if I can’t figure it out I guess.

Thanks for the advice Fligh.

Okay, I loaded blender on my brother’s computer and while I hover the mouse over dropdown menus and stuff, the icons change rapidly and all have the same image on them. On my own computer I nearly have the same problem, except that there are just lines that constantly change to random dots or the lines take on the color applied to objects, basically I can’t even tell what the images are supposed to be on my own computer…

I tried altering video settings and such, but no luck.

Any advice, or anything please let me know.