Anyone having trouble with Bsurfaces/Curves?

I know one should follow the proper order when drawing, but I’d like to pick random curve/objects and join>create Bsurface out of them…

Setting up the first points is useless, does nothing…

Anyone having the same issue?


In edit mode for the Curves - select 2 points where you think curves should start and press Set First Points on T-pane. Back in Obj mode use Bsurfaces.


Right :slight_smile:


I don’t know man. This actually rarely works for me… even when drawing bezier’s in the correct order…

(Then I try it after posting the question and it works… Blender is effing with me, I swear :))

But no, how would you join these sets of curves (yeah I asked this many times already :))

Managed to get the separate ones right, but not together…


vasething.blend (571 KB)

Disassemble all (edit mode: L, P on each spline in upper set), join back in one ordered curve set, create surface.
Or - use W, Bridge (LoopTools, Bridge) on joined mesh parts (F6 to adjust).

Hmmm… still get it wrong…