Anyone here know about VegaStrike?

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone using blender was working on or even aware of the VegaStrike project at sourceforge?

I could only find one reference to it in a search of the forum.

For those that don’t know it looks interesting, it’s an open source 3D space sim with a mod friendly architecture. There is also a plug-in to import/export it’s models to/from Wings 3D.

I’m not working on VS myself but I’m thinking about trying to add a few ships for personal kicks. Thought I’d try to find out if anyone else was and if they had any warnings, insights or just cool ships and stories to talk about

There is a pretty good WingCommander Privateer remake already playable and a StarTrek mod, with Babylon 5 and StarWars mods in planning and development.

Full list of mod projects:

Yeah, I’ve played it before. . . it had a clunky interface in my opinon and ran WAY too slow on my maching (AMD 2800+, 512MB RAM, Nvidia GeForce4)

THe latest release seems improved, it runs on my 1.3 P4 fairly well. Artwork seems vastly improved also.

As soon as I get a decent ship textured in blender I hope to see how easy it is to mod for myself.