Anyone here lift weights?

Just wonderin if anyone here goes to the gym often and lifts weights, and maybe what age and weight u guys are. How often you go…ect.

I’m 15 and 105lbs. I’m skinnier than a lot of other 15 year olds but I’ve bulked up in the last 3 weeks I’ve been goin. I’ve gotta say it feels nice to have a little chest instead of a ribcage ahaha.

Each day is something different. I do bicepts and back, then next day I tricepts and chest, next day is shoulders, abs, and traps, then legs.

I modeled a dumbbell once, if that counts. :smiley:
I am pretty skinny cause I don’t eat much. Not a big eater ^^

I’m 51 now, 6’2" and lifted in college. I remember people would watch me lift, and feeling the bar bend was very cool. My goal body weight is 215. I can still press 300, but it’s hard going. Right now I have to lose body fat, so I’m not lifting really, more aerobic jogging. I started lifting in high school, and it really helped give me some decent mass that I have to this day. So yeah, there’s lots of advice on lifting, and you’ve got the rotating muscle group thing going, to give each set at least a day of rest. Keep a clipboard to show your progress and to keep track. You’ve got to tear to build up, so a good set of five 10 reps at each cycle is all you need, like 10 reps of curls at 5 lb increments, starting low and working your way up with the last challenge set at 5 over your max. Even if it doesn’t move, try it anyway, and a full exhale counts as a rep. Eat lots of whey protein (powdered) mixed in smoothies and such, and egg whites. A teaspoon of creatine a day goes a long way to help recovery, and drink a lot of water to keep the lactic acid flushed out. The burn you feel is mostly the acid buildup. Oh, and breathe. Don’t be holding your breath - exhale on the push through pursed lips. I have a Weider home gym that does amazing full body workouts.

I’m 20, started going to the gym last year. Ive always been into the fitness thing, and didn’t want to be one of those stereotypical white skinny weak nerds, Ive always wanted to be a little bulky and more importantly healthy.

When I started last year I weighed about 55kg (121 lb), now I’m just over 65kg(143 lb), so I’ve managed to gain 10kg (22 lb) in under a year, while loosing all my fat (which there wasn’t much of to begin with anyways :yes:)

I try to go 3-4 times a week, and do a full body workout made up for me by my gym instructor each time (takes about 1.5- 2 hours) And Id say I try to eat healthily… But na, not yet :no: Eating meals with higher amounts of protein are a good idea, but I personally dont take any supliments or protein shakes etc. My favorite meal is at lunch, where I usually have 2 pieces of toast with loads of cheese, then spaghetti+meatballs or ravioli on top of the cheese, with 2 fried eggs on top of that. Protein+1 :slight_smile:

Its certainly interesting tho, after a few months youll start to see muscles developing that you never knew existed. For a while there I thought my biceps were, it was kinda funny when I realized that they wearnt, it was just all the muscles around them (like the deltas and triceps etc) which were all growing as well, which made my biceps seem ‘smaller’ to me for a bit there.

The last thing I’d suggest is to get your measurements done, my trainer at the gym measures my chest, waist, legs, arms, biceps etc every 3-4 months to see what progress I’m making, to see if the program I’m on is working for me. Its the best way to review your progress.

So now to my friends I’m not a nerd anymore, I’m a ‘bulky nerd’, which apparently just makes me weirder. Gah, cant win them all I guess… :slight_smile:

I’m 18 and I weigh 304 pounds :mad:. I don’t like weighing over 300 pounds, but, for someone who does, I look like I weight a bit over 200, much to my surprise.

I go to the gym Monday through Friday, and (because it’s my current limit, sadly) run/jog 1 mile, lift weights for a while, and then play some racquetball.

Ideally, I want to weight about 195 or 200, but I just want to burn ALOT of fat…


I’m 15, I weight 110. I’m like 5’10" or 5’11"

I’d like to lift weights but don’t feel like I need to right now.
I try to swim at the beach,free dive 15 feet or so look at whatever(corals etc) then surface.
Do that for 45 minutes twice a week.
Need to swim 3 miles(Probably my limit) every time I get to the beach though(I consider it fun),
since I don’t get to do lots of other things.
But that might be cut to every other week since I’ll be further from the beach,
then I need to start the push ups, lift some wrights and such.

I stay away from some activities since I’m legally blind(err see twice as bad as legally blind) without glasses.
Maybe it’s because I can’t see peoples facial expressions from a few feet away,
I don’t know,but I try to push when I want to.:slight_smile:

I guess I’m athletic to an extent,
not like my 13 year old sister who can surf for 3 hours straight(won the state for a few water related sports) but I’m happy with what I am but would like to do more exercise related things.

I know what you mean.
In Oregon I didn’t do much there just wasn’t much to do in the middle of no where.
Now since I’ve moved(to Hawaii,not as cool as it seems trust me… Took 6 years to fully comprehend the local subculture and counterculture ) I’ve been trying to do as many active things as I can.
I’ve noticed I’m not as skinny and have much more muscle,not like a choice number of people at the beach but hey I’m not complaining.,…

I lift just about everyday because I play (american) football and it’s part of the practices. I’m 15 now and I started when I was 13. Between football and wrestling my weight fluctuates a lot. Right now I"m bulking up for football and I’m 177 lbs and I’d love to gain the 3 pounds just to even it out and say I’m 180. For wrestling I need to drop to 160 lbs to be competitive. I’m currently 6’

@blade: I applaud you for trying to get to a healthy weight. If you don’t mind I have some tips for dropping weight ( I feel qualified because I’m in wrestling but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything) Most of what I know is for dropping weight quickly, not permanently, but I know for a fact that it has to do more with intake than output. Watch what you eat, DON’T DO SNACKS, you’ll be surprised at how far eating a small plate of food will go, and don’t go back for a second plate. Don’t eat just because you are bored and just because you are somewhat hungry doesn’t mean you should eat; wait until it is time for the meal. I also do a lot of sweat workouts and watch water intake but that’s when I need to drop weight quickly. But from the sounds of it you are on the right path so just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t give up.

My mouse must wiegh about 0.1Kg and i’m constantly lifting it up to move the cursor around the screen, woman often compliment me on my fine physical physique… Of my index finger, and thanks to blender my middle finger, i mean it is hard working out all day and my diet mainly consists of chicken and rice, but you know, you have to sacrifice certain things in life, the world power clicking championship isn’t a thing you go into light heartedly, it takes alot of finger dedication, and sure, over the years my fingers have threatend to quick and go for a more easier life style, but that ain’t gonna happen, we’ve been through too much together…

@Daniel8488,LOL,you must be careful of building up to much muscle in those fingers. It could hamper your speed and flexibility. Good luck in the Power Clicking Championships.

@jm82792,I can’t see more than a couple of feet also without glasses. I never could try surfing or swimming because of that also. But you got to get you some soft contact lenses. I love mine. I can swim and everything with them and now I don’t even worry about them falling out. People don’t even know I wear them. You just have to get through the learning curve of being comfortable with them. After awhile you join and become one with them,hahahhaa

I’m not one to just exercise. I need to have fun. So I love racing and riding my dirt bikes( the best exercise ever,IMHO) and tennis or racketball or riding my uni-cycle. Anything fun works for me.

Yea i have a lot of that whey protein powder. Tastes great haha.
The gym rocks I feel so much more fit then before, more confindent with my body :slight_smile:

I weigh 138 pounds, and I excersize every day for about 1 hour a day, my brother and I ride bikes up hills, and down them. When I get home I lift some weights… But for a 13 year old who weights over 120 pounds, I look like I weight 190 - 100 0.o, it’s suprising ;)… I’d put a picture of myself, just for you guys to see, but I don’t like to let the internet know how I look like :\

I’m going to do that soon.
20/400 and with contacts it’s like 20/70(missing part of my optic nerves)
so it’s a massive difference.
Just need to get the prescription filled and such.

The forums are super helpful.

I currently don’t, but I should probably start. Currently I’m 17 and around 115 lbs. I’m that white skinny weak nerd that AD-Edge doesn’t want to be. But I don’t stop eating and I don’t seem to gain any weight.

I lifted weights and had a daily two-hour routine in the past. There came a certain point where they told me, “it’s either enhancers, or you’ve plateau’d.”

They did me a favor without knowing. I might have been in the way to bigorexia and they scared it off me with the idea of juicing up the bulk.

I’m content with my genetic bulk now. I still keep weights around, hoping to keep a decent minimum, but these days I’m mostly about aerobic exercise (i.e., biking).