Anyone in the giving mood?

I just thought I would ask if their was anyone out there with a bycile modle I could through into my animation?
I will definetly credit you if you want to contribute,
I am just tring to save a few hours I could use for animating,
cause lord knows I need all the time I can get for that
Thanks all

Here you go:

The spokes need work and some other tweaks, but it’s a good start. This was one of my first projects; a student project from almost 2 years ago.

I can clean it up for animation purposes if you like.

Wow, thank you so much,
That bike is perfect as it is,
I should tell you before I use it,
I was planing on having one of my characters chaging the tire, while another character says his lines,
so the bike will be upside down with a wheel missing,

Do you still mind if I use it?
And what should I say about you in the credits?
Thanks again

I cant seem to download the file, I just get a text file
I followed the link to the rest of your images and .blends but still only got a text file.

That is so nice work on your site BTW

Right-click on the link and select Save Link As…. Make sure you add the .blend extension if it’s missing.

yeah, the download looks okay to me too. I might clean it up tomorrow night and improve it a little; I’ll let you know if I do.

The answers to your questions are in the blend file itself.

It is rather easy as you can right click on the picture and save it wit the .jpeg extension directly rather than going on the site.:yes:

Still no dice
Thanks anyway Knellotron,
While waiting for your first reply I had modeled a bike, no where near the quality, but enough to sit upside down for 3 seconds in a shot.
But thanks again