anyone in the usa receive their "blender inside out" yet?

i’m in the states and i ordered mine july 28th. should i be concerned that i haven’t got it yet? is this about normal for a shipment from the netherlands or does it seems notably late?

kinda champing at the bit to get started and i was pretty bummed that it wasn’t in the mail on friday.

anyhoo, just putting my feelers out there.



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I’d give it a Month anyway before getting worried. But you should be able to track it.

Yeah, it may be a little early for your order to get to you. If I remember right, my orders took roughly 3 weeks to Ohio.

I got one… but Ton gave it to me at Siggraph for the Neversoft company library. I watched it over the weekend. It’s a very good dvd.

Thank you Ton!

thanks fellows.

yeah, i followed up with the shop and they said they got my order on july 28th but didn’t ship until july 6th (something about the replicating company needing more time to get the product out) so i’m still within the 12 day official outer limit…

but it’s nice to know that unofficially, i’m still in business even if it takes 3 weeks.

oh and glakie, i initially posted in announcements and was moved here - my mistake. no harm, no foul. oh but in regards to tracking, the shop says specifically that you can’t track… at least once the item leaves the store… on the faq page, they say that it would cost too much for a trackable ship? but yeah, my inability to track is making me nuts because i’m so used to doing it.

thanks again.


Agreed. It was one of the better tutorials I have seen and made working in Blender much easier for me personally.

I’m thrilled to hear you guys both liked it!

We passed out about 200 copies of the DVD at the SIGGRAPH and the rest should be in the mail by now I think.

just got mine today… FINALLY!

really great so far but i had to stop at video 03 about selection and mousing in blender… this is something i encounter every time i try to learn blender but jesus… the selection “paradigm” in blender makes me soooooooo angry.

(this is a traditional, annual rant for me now… :slight_smile: )

rt click select. but rt click also cancels operations. but when you do lasso or box select, we’re asked to use lt click again. and selecting anything in a menu is lt click.


it makes it very very difficult to speak about blender without cussing.

my head is drooped to my chest and i’m just shaking my head… “why why why?”

can’t we have a user interface scheme that doesn’t make me want to strangle anyone?

and before anyone tells me that we can simply change the rt click select to lt click in the preferences - blender’s mousing is SO convoluted, that it ends up just flipping the lt and rt mouse so now you have to rt click select in some other menus!!!

there is NO reason for this. it does not make ANYTHING better or easier.

this should not, MUST NOT exist. it NEEEEEEEEEEDS to be FIXED.

this is what it SHOULD BE (there is no excuse… what i say is SIMPLE LOGIC and ANY and EVERY interface designer would agree with me):

  • ALL SELECTION is done with lt mouse button. PERIOD. NO EXCEPTIONS. EVER
  • AFFIRMATIONS are always lt mouse button (or enter). selecting is a kind of affirmation… it’s button should NEVER be used to CANCEL. (!!!)
  • CANCELLATIONS are always rt mouse button (or esc). and since in this proposal, we NEVER select with rt button, rt button cancel is fine and dandy.
  • CONTEXT MENUS are always rt mouse button. we’re overloading rt mouse button but this is common convention is computing across MOST apps out there and so it’s intuitive and fine.


  • these mousing operations apply across the entire app, for every possible context, for every possible function, for every possible menu and window. right now, we’re rt mouse clicking to select in 3d view and then lt clicking for selecting in the outliner?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??? WHHHHHYYYYYYYYY???!?!?!

with that implemented, we can have a switch in preferences that will allow lt mb/ rt mb switch… but this will be a global switch and you must select EVERYWHERE with rt mb and rt mb will be AFFIRMATIVE and lt mb will CANCEL and lt mb will bring up a context sensitive menu.

please for the love of god… somebody who works on blender and especially if there’s anyone that works on blender’s interface - please please please fix this… it is SO disruptive at such a FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL that it drives people away.

use blender for a month solid and you’ll discover that it is every other app in the world that have their buttons backwards. lol

Wow, that’s a little excessive- feeling a little pre-pubescent angst jinchoung, get off the coffee dude.

I agree with Small Troll, use Blender for a short while and you will see the other apps just never got it “right”-- lol get it - “right” - right click, ha!

Hey Jonathan, this is a really great dvd for me. This one skips all the basic explanation of common tools and just goes right to the meat of Blender. I don’t need a 30 minute explanation of what UVs are, I just need to know which UV tools Blender has and how to get to them and this dvd does just that. Thanks so much for giving these out.

One of the things I have discovered about 3D navigating Blender is that if you choose Emulate 3-button Mouse, the controls are damn near identical to Lightwave (pan, zoom, etc.) which is good for me, being a Lightwave guy.

I agree that the mouse selection thing is frustrating. I have a feeling this will change to what Jin is saying in the future. It just makes sense. All the other selection tools are left click (paint select, box select, cntrl select). Although I can train myself that some selections are left and some right clicks, it would be much more intuitive to make ALL selections a left click. Maybe someone could provide a Left Click Select build of Blender. :-p

Thanks! I’m glad you like it.

There is a lot of discussion about creating a more intuitive keymap for mouse selection and navigation but it’s not as simple as just changing it. Anyone that has tried to create a custom keymap for Blender will find out very quickly that all sorts of conflicts arise that are more difficult to solve without just assigning random keys.

I am actually slowly working on a keymap to try and resolve this, as is Nathan Vegdahl. Although I don’t feel it’s as extreme of a problem jinchoung makes it out to be, I agree that it is something that needs to be worked on.

as i say, it’s my annual rant… :slight_smile:

but speaking seriously, does it make sense to you that rt click is select but then lt click is required for lasso and box select? wouldn’t it have been simpler and made MORE sense to lasso and box select with rt click as well?

there is simply no reason for that. it doesn’t add anything to the app. and for a person who first sits down to attempt to use blender, it’s wildly unintuitive.

it also doesn’t make sense that you are asked to rt click select in the 3d view but then when you get to other windows like outliner (actually most other windows), you’re back to lt click select. but other times it is rt click again… so that you have to ask yourself which button is select in which context.

srsly, how is that better? how is that faster? i know in most app communities, any criticism gets swiftly and immediately met with a defense… but srsly - how. is. this. better?

i use maya, lw and zbrush regularly so i’m careful in my critique of apps interfaces - i don’t do it just because the interface is DIFFERENT from something i’m used to.

(even though i am of the opinion that for interfaces, SAMENESS is a very very very good thing. it is intuitive right off the bat so that most people can jump in and start driving. and DIFFERENCE should only be reserved for when the difference is an unequivocal IMPROVEMENT and not just difference for difference sake. with 3d apps nowadays, it’s like a car market where the brake and accelerator pedals are arbitrarily flipped from one car model to another and sometimes the stick shift is on the right, left or other times a circular hand crank on the roof).

if it must be different but it’s self-consistent, then that’s something i can roll with.

but with blender, it is inconsistent within itself. and again, it buys us nothing.

blender has come such a long way and it is a genuinely powerful and desirable tool to have in the arsenal… but it’s come to the point where serious thought has to be given to user experience. a lot has already been done in that area and it’s MUCH friendlier now than it has been. but i think it’s time to tackle usability where it’s most entrenched and fundamental (and probably hard coded) - simply mousing interactions.

and as with any such calls for change, the people who are already used to the way things are should not be inconvenienced and there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be an option to keep it as it is. but an option to change it to be more “standard” should be there as well… and again, it does not seem possible to me to do that by changing the mappings right now - flip one thing in one place and all of a sudden, it has unforeseen repercussions all over the app.


p.s. imo, mm click would be the ideal button for 3d cursor. even as mentioned in the video, 3d cursor becomes a bane to first time users because you end up inadvertently placing it all over the place that you don’t intend… this is bad and induces frustration right off the bat. i’ve tried remapping that but again, the mappings of the mouse buttons are convoluted and interconnected so that if you make that switch, it’s not JUST that switch you’ve made - it creates other changes in mousing that you didn’t intend.

In all seriousness, yeah, takes a little getting use to. I used 3dsmax for about ten years so I know where you’re coming from. But, don’t let it get under your skin - after a while you won’t even notice it. In fact, I enjoy the new Blender so much, I’ll never go back to Max again - less I get on a company that uses it. For my own work - it’s Blender all the way.

You’re right of course. If I just “went with it” I could probably get over the hump. And the proof is in the pudding in terms of the impressive work being done in blender, quirky interface and all…

But as someone who makes a living where I have to jump around using several apps (as mentioned, Maya, lw, zbrush and also after effects, Photoshop and premiere), I find that I have little patience for poorly thought out and/or inconsistent user uis . It just bugs me… probably more than it should.

I finally bit the bullet with zbrush because it’s basically best in class - despite INCREDIBLY weird ways of doing things. It’s the hot blonde that can write her own ticket and the guys just have to bend over backwards to accommodate her because she’s just that hot.

As long as the hair ripping out inconsistencies remain in blender, I’m kind reduced to finding out if she (blender) has gotten hot enough for me to make the effort for yet.

But the video is making a strong case so far…

Yeah, talk about a crappy interface… zbrush is THE WORST!

Please, these kind of comments do no one any good. These are the kind of fanboy comments I’ve just been talking about in my article here:

No personal offense intended, but all this comment achieves is negativity. Yes, ZBrush has a very weird interface that can be quite awkward and debilitating at first. However, no one can say that ZBrush isn’t incredibly powerful. Let’s be constructive and reasonable here.