Anyone interested in building Blender bundled with LuxBlend 2.5 (for Lux 0.7)?

Because it seems like the exporter’s issues are being fixed here

While the link to the exporter download is mentioned here

Anyone interested in building a Win32 build of Blender for us who are not code technicians (with LuxBlend included out of the box and perhaps even bundle the actual Luxrender program with it), that is the exporter for 2.5 for Luxrender 0.7?

I say this because right now it seems like you have to manually apply patches and such to actually get it to work, and I’m not really experienced in that area or in the Python API outside of using it for BGE stuff.

I got a taste of what it can do with the SmallLux exporter bundled in a build and now I want to go to having all the illumination and material options instead of just a small subset.:slight_smile:

Thanks if you can do this, and I’m sure that if that’s done it’ll benefit everyone who wants to give it a try.

Hi Ace Dragon,

Been there done that. Had a previous working build with Luxrender linked over at the Modo Forums. However in last two days some Api changes occurred which seem to have bust it again. I can get the Luxblend settings up and running inside Blender BUT the actual luxrenderer will not launch. I should have ( hopefully ) it back working later this sunday. If so, i will link to the build here …

You might note I started one of those threads above :smiley: - Im on the case!


Seems like this problem is solved!

Are you referring to:

Linked from here:

You might notice that Doug says:

“Working on proof-of-concept LuxFire integration; Connections are successful but export not working.”


Been there done that. Had a previous working build with Luxrender linked over at the Modo Forums. However in last two days some Api changes occurred which seem to have bust it again.

Well there is the planned API cleanup as mentioned in the commit logs, looks like every script is going to break quite a bit until the cleanup is complete (which involves renaming tons of functions to make it sound more like what it actually does)

Lux is in my pipeline for all of my (major) projects, so for me the absence of lux makes blender 2.5 unusable for my projects. Trouble is, I’m in love with 2.5 and can’t make myself go back to 2.49 so all of my projects are on hold until I can get lux to work in 2.5. Coincidentally I spent some time this afternoon trying to get lux to work in 2.5, but I couldn’t figure out how to apply the patches(I’ve written my own python scripts in 2.5 but I was at a loss on how to make it work). I’ve decided to take a break from blender for a while(if that’s possible since I’m currently addicted). If you make the build I will try it, but it will be temporary until they nail down the api. Anyway, great request and can’t wait until 2.6:)

Any progress with the request, or do we have to wait till this LuxFire thing is done?

If we have to wait, then what is LuxFire supposed to do, how long is the estimated time to completion, and how will it benefit the exporter?

Hi ACE and all,

Just did a Blender 2.5 build for WIN32 ( svn30548 - 20/07/2010 )

Download zipped file - ( about 33mb )

This - as the name implies - includes Luxblend.

You will also need to download Luxrender here:

  1. Download Luxrender, install at drive root - c:\ ( so c:\luxrender ).

  2. Unzip Blender above at root - you’ll end up with it in c:\win32-vc, rename win32-vc to blender25 if you wish.

  3. Launch Blender from there, change the Renderer up top right-ish, in the drop down to Luxrender.

  4. Under the RENDER tab to the right, scroll down. Under “Luxrender Engine Configuration” tick RUN RENDERER. In “Path to Luxrender” add - c:\luxrender\luxrender.exe.

  5. Up further at top of Render tab change DISPLAY to “New Window”.

  6. Select your Light or Lamp, change it from POINT to SPOT. For some reason Point Lights dont work as good Spotlights, for your initial test render any way!

  7. Go RENDER the basic Cube scene as a test. All going well, the LUXRENDER app window should open up continuously rendering your scene!


The exporter works like a charm, and Luxrender opens up rendering as it should (for the test scene I’ve started working on).

The only problem is that the scene I had been using with SmallLux was giving some sort of error in the Lux console, but it worked with SmallLux so there’s a pretty good chance it’s fixable. The test scene I have has no errors as I know of right now.

Also, there may need to be some script changes to account for if the scene has duplifaces or dupliverts as the Blender console reports they don’t have the matrix_world attribute.

Other than that everything works as it should, I didn’t even have to do step 4 because Luxblend automatically finds the Lux executable.

There’s still a few things missing that I know the team will take of in time (like the option to emit light from meshes which was also available in SmallLux)