Anyone interested in car rig tutorial?

Ive finished this car rig, needs a little more testing, but im wondering if there is much interest for a tutorial on how to construct this rig.
The rig moves over uneven surfaces without the need for a path.


sure! I’m curious to know how you manage the suspension for example, I haven’t found any tutorial on this!

Same as @moonboots

I have also seen different examples even with fully functional suspension and with tire compression when hitting rocks etc…I think it was a Jeep on a rough road… but the creator ignored all requests of help or a tutorial.

If my final test work out their will be a tutorial.

cool, please reply to our posts so that we are informed :wink:

Well it still needs some adjustments that i just cant commit to for now. but here is the model for those who are interested, you can swap the car with your own and use the rig.

The problem that needs fixing is when the car needs goes high away from the master bone the wheels move a little forward. The master bone needs to rotate with the car to fix it.

here is the link:

Thank You! I just grabbed it and will play a bit later…and see how it works!!