Anyone interested in making a 2d MMORPG with me?

Hi there,

I’m looking for a team of graphics artists who would be interested in helping out with making a 2d online game.

So far its just an idea, i have made 2d online games before however - so i (sort of) know what i’m doing :slight_smile:

MSN me at thealee[att], reply or PM me if you are interested. If people are interested then the game will go ahead.

At the moment i’ve thought of a medi-evil sidescroller, simply because i’ve never done that before, and the fighting engine could be very nice in a sidescroller. I made a top view space game called finalwaronline although never finished it :frowning: So tell me what you think :slight_smile:


oh-boy…here we go again… %|

I don’t think I’m up for this, but you might get more replies if you could show some of your past games. (Screenshots and a small demo or something.) I hope the project goes well if you are able to assemble a team.:slight_smile:


Ok, i’ll try and get my hands on some screenshots, or better - i’ll try and create a demo to show you what is possible etc.

And whats the “here we go again” for? lol :wink:

And whats the “here we go again” for? lol

Because some people want to come to a forum full of artists and say they have this cool idea for a game and wants everyone to help them.

The problem with that is they usually don’t have any concept drawings or demos of the game engine or anything else. All they have is an idea.

If you want people to help you with your project you will have to show something to let people know that you mean to work hard and to show them that you have the whole thing planned out.

For example you could show some pics of your game that you didn’t finish, or make up a proposal, or just show some concept drawings and pictures.

Ok, i’ll try and get my hands on some screenshots, or better - i’ll try and create a demo to show you what is possible etc.

Yep. Just show them what your capable of and someone will jump aboard your project.

Anyway goodluck. As I am also working on a game.

I think the best time to ask for help with art is when you have a finished game made with " programmer art". I’ve also seen and I’ve been on teams where the leader of the team wants to make an mmorpg in 3d and they are still in high school and have no idea how to program or make art. But one of their friends made one sketch in pencil and that is all they have to show to the public… As a side note I’ve been thinking of making a mmorpg in 2d/3d ! :slight_smile: After making a few games in 2d/3d I still am not sure if it’s the right time.
Online game is much harder to make than a single player. So why do peolple ask for help when they have absolutely nothing done yet ? The only reason that effects me is that working on a project while looking at your ugly programmer art is very demoralizing. :frowning:

These game mmorpg projects ALWAYS fail. You can swear up and down till the cows come home that yours wont, but it will.

100% of these threds end up dying. If you dont believe me do a search for MMORPG and see what I mean. LOCKED DEAD since Feb 06 DEAD since Dec 05 DEAD since Dec 05 DEAD since Aug 05 DEAD since Sept 05 DEAD Since Dec 04 DEAD Since Oct 04 DEAD since Jan 04 DEAD since Dec 03

However Is the closest and most respected project going on right now. Why? Because its being done by Veteran blender users who know what it means to take on something of this size.

Hey man, I don’t think thats what its about - if it won’t finish then it won’t but theres no reason not to have fun and give it a go!

As for me, i made my game for a fair few years, its still on my mud-puddle album from my blender days, i was a blenderhead - but i can’t remeber my login detials :slight_smile: Know the username was the_alee…

Anyway, i’ll show you the album with my old stuff on it, unfourtunately the game was looking VERY nice just before my computer completely died with all the stuff on it, i had old backups but the game wasn’t well coded enough for me to bother with recovering it, and the old backups didn’t have all the nice visuals i had been working on (a fellow blenderhead made all these graphics, his name is Brian Jaycox i believe). Havn’t been in contact with him recently.

My gallery is the thumnail! The game was called finalwaronline.

Take a look, although as i say the game had a makeover since then.

Also i have internet company, we have servers meaning this game is more realistic, i can host it on my own servers :slight_smile:


This is what you should have said to begin with. People cant know everything about you by what you make your screen name to. Age, location, job, experience…these are things that I look for when someone asks for help. If you were a 17 year old with no job and just started learning blender I would be worried.

This is one thing I was told when starting my movie project. I am 27, I am a graphic artist with a side job at night. I have been using blender since 1998. I run and help here @ elysiun as much as I can. You can see how long I have been an active member. I dont plan on leaving anytime soon. This is why my project will never die, but even if it does, The things I learned along the way will help me to finish my next one.