anyone interested in starting a website related to blender

i am starting a website and am looking for any partners who may be interested…i do not want to give my ideas away so if you are in need of more info…email me at [email protected]

No one would steal your idea, and there is dozens of blender websites out there.

yea ur rite…wud u like to kno more or where u just sayn tht as a fyi…if fyi i appreciate it’

I’d like to know more

ok sobbayi. Basically it would be a site for people to upload there works…animation or models…it can be critiqued if theyd like…but the site would be like a contest…every week there would be some type of contest…the contest would be to make a certain type of scene or what not…the commmunity would vote(eventually maybe a distinguisd artist or 2) and the winner would be announced. The winner would then be entered into monthly contest. At end of month whichever contestant received the most votes would win a prize. That is pretty much the bulk of my idea. But the reason I would like more people or to possibly have a team is so that I can have more input from other people. any questions send a text to 704 425 7411 or email [email protected]

If you design it well, you can just do it now! It is your decision! We all will admire it if it is great enough!