Anyone know a shareware like voodoo that works with blender?

Voodoo is a camera tracking software, I’m interested in seeing what professional programs people use.

Hi there I hope I can help you out. Of course blender is slowly getting it’s own tracker programmed now, but just in case you need a good stable tracker for the job right now and don’t have $10,000 to throw away on boujour then you might consider Syntheyes, which is a great competitor for the high end apps, as it is used frequently by industry professionals all the time. I like it because Russ Andersson who is the head of the project personally helps out his customers and provides personal support. Rare thing these days.
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Then there is PF hoe which is the baby brother of the PF track high end software. It is a simple yet powerful program like syntheyes, just without the bells and whistles that syntheyes, PFTrack or Boujour have.

The cost is very affordable and available in two flavors, standard $99 and pro $199
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I hope that helps. There are some other trackers out there, but if you are wanting to do commercial work with it, and need a good reliable track, then these are your best bet by far.

If you don’t need a commercial grade software, then PFTracks predecessor should be considered. Icarus is it’s name and there is only one place I know where this software can still be downloaded for personal educational use only, and that is at Colin Levy’s website, complete with tutorials on how to use it within blender.
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I am not sure though if there are plugins to get it to work with blender 2.58 though… do a search and it may show something.