Anyone know a way to render an animation instantly ?

I don’t like to wait, no one does.
NO ONE !:eek:!
I only use free and open source software and have been learning animation and game making for about 4 years.
Anyway… I also use Unreal Engine 4, Daz3d, and a few others and am wondering what would be fastest way to get a decent video render without relying on graphics cards and such?

I know that Ue4 is a very powerful engine that can export matinee/cinematics but if its faster than Opengl than how do I import .blend into ue4 for rendering.

If not I know that daz renders are slugish as well and everytime I import a model from blender it deformed it, anyway…

Real time rendering engines like Eevee don’t allow you to export video
and the “Cycles is now real time!” video on YouTube is long past expired.

The only renderers I know that are lighting fast is SourceFilmaker and Mikumikudance neither have fbx/bvh import and require lots of converting to perfect it.

Are there any options for me?

cycles is not, and probably never will be, realtime. thats what opengl, what eevee uses, is for. ue4 can use directx.

ue4 will probably get you the best realtime results.